2016 Winter Conference

Tulsa, Oklahoma January 22-24

Download Conference Presentations in the SCRYE Member Area in files and downloads.

2014 Winter Conference

Tulsa, Oklahoma January 24-26

Download Conference Agenda, Presentations in the SCRYE Member Area


2013 Summer Conference

Bozeman, Montana July 19-21, 2013

Sessions/Agenda(links to the PowerPoint presentations are available after this section) :

RYE 101

RYE 201

Database – Work session

Best Practices for Recruiting & Selecting Students

Best Practices for using Rotex

General Session:

RI Perspective – John Brodbeck

Insurance update – Ted Cenatiempio CISI Bolduc

Best Practice Report- Summany

Using Videos with Inbound Students to Introduce the Be’s – Steve Gerdes

Webinairs for Outbound Orientation – Ronna Morse

SKYPE current outbound students as part of the interview process – Don Peters

Other Uses of Technology – Rob Metcalf and Jack Campbell

Super User Group Report – Rob Metcalf and Jack Campbell

Sunday Sessions

Post Exchange Survey – Paul Reagan

Managing problems during your year – Tim Laffoon and Cindy Harrison

Recruiting Clubs to Host Students – Kathy Meurin

Finding a Great Exchange Partner – Don Peters and Ronna Morse


Conference Presentations (click on the presentation below to view the PowerPoint).

RYE 101 – July 2013

RYE 201 – July 2013

CISI Bolduc Insurance

RI Perspective – John Brodbeck

Recruiting Clubs to Host Students – Kathy Meurin

2010 Summer Conference

Little Rock, AR | July 23-25, 2010

Conference Agenda

Lessons Learned from RI Audit

Lessons Learned from Student Crisis

5th Avenue of Service

Preparation for CSIET Audit

Break out Sessions

1. Rotary Youth Exchange Basics – A to Z
2. Rotary Youth Exchange for DGs/DGEs/DGNs
3. District YEO and YE Committee 101
4. Rotary Youth Exchange Advanced Issues
1. Plan B Response to Proposed RI Regulations
2. 2010-11 RI Convention in New Orleans

Implementation of the 6 Bes

Breakout Sessions

A. Recruitment of Host Families
B. Counselor Training

  1. American Values.pdf
  2. Counselor Orientation take Alongs Outbounds.doc
  3. Counselor Report Form.doc
  4. Duties of Hosting Club for Inbound Students.doc
  5. Inbound Counselor Cheat Sheet.doc
  6. Inbound Student Folder Check List Counselor
  7. Orientation Sample Docs.pdf
  8. Questions & Answers a Family May Ask.doc
  9. Role of the Rotary Counselor.doc
  10. Sample Calling List.doc
  11. Click Here to Download All Files

District to District Exchange Agreement

2010 Winter Conference

March 5-7, 2010 | Radisson Hotel, Tulsa, OK

2009-2010 District of the Year – District 5890
District 5890 has experienced exceptional growth in its program and has provided templates for 1) outbound recruitment and 2) monitoring the compliance status of its local clubs.

2009-2010 Keystone Award – Dillon Snell
The Keystone Award recognizes an individual who has been instrumental to the development of SCRYE, facilitating exceptional students to experience “the road less traveled by”. Dillon was awarded SCRYE’s first Keystone Award for his many years of exceptional service.

2009-2010 Spark Plug Awards

  1. Ken and Elyn Patterson, who have guided District 5730 Youth Exchange to a new level of Rotary commitment and excellence.
  2. Gary Aguren, whose template to encourage outbound recruitment in District 5890 will serve as a model to SCRYE.

2009-2010 That’s Impressive Awards
Districts that have experienced an impressive growth during the current exchange year.

  1. District 5730 – 125% inbound increase, 62% outbound increase, 100% short term increase, 233% club involvement increase
  2. District 5890 – 47% inbound increase, 27% outbound increase, 100% short term increase

Conference Presentations

Early Returns

  1. Inbound Returns by Kit Freudenberg (D6080)
  2. Outbound Returns by Ken Patterson (D5730)
  3. Disciplinary Procedures by Don Peters (D6150)
  4. Problem Solving by Kathy Meurin (D5840)

District Crisis Plan Template by Don Peters (D6150)

RYE for DGs/DGEs/DGNs PDG Glen Mattingly (D5910)

Cloud Technology by Susan Chan (D6150)

Insurance Update by Loring Miller (D6000)


  1. Individual and District Awards presented by Kathy Meurin (D5840)
  2. Rotex Speakers Ruby Powers (D5890) & David Lichte (D5890)

Breakout Sessions

  1. RYE Basics – A to Z by Dusty Clayton (D5840) & Kevin Baiotto (D6040)
  2. District YEO 101 by Sam Zarro (D5810) & Tommy Martin (D6760)
  3. Advanced Topics
    • Regulatory Update by CSIET – Bill Lee (D5840), RI – Kathy Meurin (D5840) & DOS – Don Peters (D6150)
    • Working Forms Session by PDG Glen Mattingly (D5910)
      • Inbound Kit by Chris Knapp (D6000)
      • Outbound Kit by Steve Gerdes (D5650)
      • Club Kit/District Kit by Loring Miller (D6000)

Re-invigorating Your YE Program by Pauline Perreault (D5370)

2009 Summer Conference


2009 Winter Conference

Feb 6, 2009 – Feb 8, 2009 (Radisson Hotel Tulsa)

Conference Agenda

Board Meeting
Outbound Recruitment Success Stories
Toolkit Update
Host Club Recruitment Success Stories
Crisis and Media Response
Break out Sessions

  1. Rotary Youth Exchange Basics – A to Z
  2. Rotary Youth Exchange for DGs/DGEs/DGNs
  3. District YEO and YE Committee 101
  4. Rotary Youth Exchange Advanced Issues
    1. Finding, Caring for, and Feeding of Host Families
    2. Supporting Inbounds at the School, Local Club, and District Level
    3. When and How to Send a Student Home
    4. Guiding Outbounds on When To and When Not To Be Their Own Advocate

Report from RI Youth Exchange area as presented by Jaci Williams.