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The Opportunity of a Lifetime!!!

Rotary International Youth Exchange provides the opportunity for young people to be Youth Ambassadors around the world. Rotary International has the best administered and lowest cost International Youth Exchange program. And since this is a Rotary International program, students will will be hosted by and have the opportunity for quality experiences with the Rotarians in the Rotary Club. Youth Ambassadors will also have the support of those same Rotarians to help deal with any unusually difficult situations.

The South Central Rotary Youth Exchange (SCRYE) was created to promote and facilitate Rotary International Youth Exchange for our member districts. SCRYE provides information, education, collaboration and the independence to facilitate the Youth Exchange Process.

This website is filled with information for Students and Parents, both Inbound and Outbound, our past exchange students (ROTEX), Host Families, Teachers, and local Rotary Clubs. There is also information for prospective exchange students and their parents.

Finally, this website is a resource for our SCRYE Member Districts and Administration.

Please browse our website and learn more about Rotary International’s Youth Exchange Program.