What is SCRYE?

South Central Rotary Youth Exchange

SCRYE Outline

South Central Rotary Youth Exchange (SCRYE) consists of 37 member districts that cover 18 states in the south and central part of the country.

The mission of SCRYE is to promote and facilitate Rotary International Youth Exchange for our member districts.
We will fulfill our mission through goals and objectives as follows:

  1. Ensure that our member districts are thoroughly prepared to do youth exchange.
  2. Ensure that our member districts comply with all minimum standards.
  3. Help our member districts enlighten students concerning global issues.
  4. Help our member districts engage in dynamic committees and active personal networks.
  5. Give our member districts great training and tools through innovation, involvement, and the latest technology in all available media.
  6. Present great conferences that deliver outstanding fellowship, powerful inspiration, and effective motivation.
  7. Recognize, nurture, and support our member districts diversity.
  8. Achieve great two-way communication with all entities involved in our member districts programs.
  9. Improve what we do by listening to, learning from, liaising with, or partnering with regulatory agencies, Rotary International, other conferences, our member districts, Rotarians, and students.
  10. Engage and manage our change, including organizational and structural change, at a thoughtful and appropriate pace.
  11. Maintain our financial stability through a balanced fee structure, quality membership, and wise growth.
  12. Measure all our decisions and actions to improve Rotary Youth Exchange as a whole.