Outbound Recruitment Success Stories

Recruitment Success PPT Presentation


Successful Recruiting of RYE Outbound Students: Recruiting Tools

List of presentations and forms for outbound student recruitment.doc 

Documents for foreign language teachers

RYE School Intro Letter.doc
RYE Poster in Word Format_Willowbrook.doc
Flyer for 2008 RYE Information Meeting at Pearl Fincher Museum - Copy.ppt
Packet for Students (4 forms combined)_MSWORD_fall_2008.doc

Presentations to high school students

RYE Presentation Fall 2008.ppt
Packet for Students (see above)

Presentations at parent/student information meetings

RYE Presentation Fall 2008 (see above)
Sign in form for students.doc
Host family recommendation form.doc

Club Interviews

Club interview areas to be assessed.doc
Club interview questions.doc
Club interview assessment.doc
Guidelines for discussions with short term parents.doc
Important information handout to interviewees at club interview.doc

Post Club Interview Documents

Letter to long term students and parents about interview.doc
Letter to short term students and parents about interview.doc

Outbound Student Survey

Presented by Dr. Monika Fischer-Massie

1.  How did you find out about Rotary International Youth Exchange and when?
2.  Which three sources influenced you the most in making up your mind to go on RI Youth Exchange?

Get the ppt presentation here: SCRYE_Survey_2009.ppt

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