Virtual Rotary Youth Exchange

8-week program meeting at least once a week

  1. General rules
    a. Participants will determine how, when, how long meetings will be
    b. Meetings are not limited to once a week; that is the minimum
    c. Learning language – start with conversation type words/phrases and build as needed
    d. Focus on feelings about the topics not just stats; what do you feel about this or that
    e. Duolingo is a good tool to use; make sure everyone has the software
    f. Students will report to their District YEO once every two weeks with feedback and how they are doing with the language
    g. Be respectful of everyone
    h. Involve host family in the sessions
    i. ROTEX should help get a discussion going, if needed. Give your feelings about the exchange
    j. Topics are guidelines. This is Student led so other topics are good
    k. We are discussing how to make some kinds of pin exchange, physical or digital
    l. Can use any technology to do translation of language
  2. Initial contact – via Zoom, FaceTime, or other apps as decided by the group
    a. Group will meet once a week
    b. Participants determine a meeting time and length of meeting
    c. Get to know each other – take 5 – 10 minutes to talk about yourself, home, city, school, etc. Can use pictures text, or video to talk about yourself
    d. First session on learning language
  3. Next meeting guidelines
    a. Participants discuss the culture, of their home country, including host families
    b. Virtual tour a significant location from the local area; 10 minutes or so
    c. Talk about what they like about this location
    d. Session on learning language
  4. Next meeting guidelines May be two meetings this week
    a. Cook a meal together – send out items needed prior to the cooking so everyone is able to cook the meal
    b. Session on learning language
  5. Next meeting guidelines
    a. Music, if you play an instrument do that for a while, each participant
    b. Pick a few songs that you like and listen to them
    c. Listen to any traditional music
    d. Session on learning language
  6. Next meeting guidelines
    a. Virtual view of festivals, Holidays etc. Have decorations made prior to the meeting
    b. Session on learning language
  7. Next meeting guidelines
    a. Talk about education, how are schools set out i.e. elementary, junior high, senior high
    b. Talk about classes, length topics, teachers
    c. How do host families get involved with education?
    d. Session on learning language
  8. Next meeting guidelines
    a. What would you like to see in both of your countries?
    b. Any reason to see it or it just sounds cool
    c. If you could go anywhere in the world, cost is not a factor, where would it be
    d. Session on learning language
  9. Next meeting guidelines
    a. Write a letter to your counterpart and the host family in their language.
    b. Session on language – take the whole time and learn more of the language