Crisis and Media Response

Media Crisis Trifold Brochure

Prepared by Jaci Williams, Paul Reagan, and Vicki Lombari
This trifold brochure provides ready access to the following information and should be provided to the District Crisis Committee:

•  What to do when there is a crisis

- Who to contact
- Required timing within which contacts are to be made
- Contact information, e.g., names and phone numbers

•  Media crisis notes
•  Ten positive points to note
•  Sample handout to the media


Crisis and Media Response: Sample Handout

Presented by Jaci Williams and Paul Reagan
Attached is a sample handout for the media in case of a crisis involving a Rotary youth exchange student. 


Crisis Management and Risk Management

Provided by Jaci Williams
This is a presentation and its talking points for a session held at the Pre-Convention Youth Exchange Officers Meeting on June 17, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois.


Guidelines for Youth Exchange Emergencies

Provided by Jaci Williams
These guidelines are to help a local Rotary club organize a small committee to address an emergency situation regarding a youth exchange student if it occurs at some point in the future.


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