As a SCRYE Alumni, will I be welcome to visit Rotary Meetings?

Mostly, yes. This is up to the discretion of the club. Also, some clubs have attendance requirements such as a dress code and meal ($) requirements. You would be expected to meet these requirements for attendance.*

How is my membership used by Rotary?

Once you become a member you will be asked to register with Rotary International. Your registration information will become available to RI and management in your program sponsor district.

Is there an age restriction to join SCRYE Alumni?

No. Rotary has been providing youth exchange since before WWII. All program participants are welcome in SCRYE Alumni.

Do I have to be an exchange student from a SCRYE district to join?

No. A successful exchange student who has been endorsed by their sponsor district is automatically eligible. Others who have been involved with YE may become SCRYE Alumni at the discretion of the membership committee.

Can I be a Rotarian and a member?

Yes. Eventually, we would like members become Rotarians and retain membership in SCRYE Alumni.

Can I be involved with other ROTEX organizations?

Yes. We encourage participation and cooperation with any other ROTEX organization.

Do I have to attend the yearly conference?

No, but you will miss the fun.

As a member, can I create a Rotary service project?

Alumni Associations are allowed to participate in Rotary service projects. To create a service project, we need to partner with a Rotary district. SCRYE Alumni is set up to facilitate this process.*

Are we eligible to receive Rotary matching grants for projects?

Matching grants are facilitated through Rotary district partnership.*

How do we work with current and prospective RYE students?

All interactions we have with students will be at the discretion of Rotary Districts and their YEOs. We can create programs and offer them to Districts, and/or participate in District programs at the invitation of the District.

How do I stay active as a member?

Paying dues each year is all that is required to maintain membership. Although we hope that you can participate in our programs and conferences, your membership alone show support for SCRYE Alumni and will allow us to operate.

*Specifically asked and answered by RI. Please let us know if you need more exact information.