South Central Rotary Youth Exchange
Alumni Association

SCRYE Alumni

A non-profit Rotary International service organization for ROTEX
who have participated in Youth Exchange from a SCRYE Rotary District.

South Central Rotary Youth Exchange Alumni is committed to diversity and inclusion in its membership and operation. We know that our members, principles and goals are best served by conscious recognition of these principles. We welcome and encourage participation of anyone who meets the membership requirements regardless.

Alumni associations are organized groups chartered by Rotary for people who have participated in programs such as Interact, Rotaract, RYLA, Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Scholarships, and Rotary Peace Fellowships.

Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) Alumni, often referred to as ROTEX, comprise a group of individuals already acquainted with Rotary, but often without any method to participate in Rotary programs in the years directly following their exchange. We recognize the need for a RYE Alumni Association of past exchange students (along with Interact and Rotaract clubs) to fill this gap.

Because of the size and varying participation in RYE of the Rotary districts that comprise the South Central Rotary Youth Exchange multi-district organization (SCRYE), we further recognize that some of our districts do not have the numbers or geography possible to create a sustainable alumni association on their own.

By creating the SCRYE Alumni Association we aim to provide access to Rotary activities and resources for the thousands of students who have participated in our youth exchange program, and sustain Rotary participation after a successful exchange year.